MYC 8005, an antibiotic against spider mites. 2. Growth inhibition and pseudo-sterilization in insects and mites

  • Jutta Meltzer
  • Published 2005 in Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology


The antibiotic MYC 8005, known as an acaricide, appeared to possess strong growth inhibiting properties, not only in immature stages of spider mites but also in larvae of several insect species. Adult mites and insects seemed not to be affected. However, the fecundity of femaleTetranychus cinnabarinus was strongly reduced by deposits of MYC 8005 on the leaves of bean plants. The feeding of adult houseflies and Colorado potato beetles with MYC 8005 resulted in complete or almost complete sterilization of the insects. The sterilizing effect appeared to be caused by inhibition of maturing processes, in particular of yolk formation in the eggs, whereas follicles looked normal. These facts, and the strong reduction of the fat body in treated insects, suggest that the lipid and protein metabolism are disturbed by MYC 8005.


9 Figures and Tables

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