Isolation of heparin-binding growth factors from dogfish (Mustela canis) brain and retina.


We have purified two growth factors from dogfish brain and retina by using their binding affinity for heparin-Sepharose. These growth factors were eluted at 1 and 2 M NaCl similarly to those purified from bovine brain or retina. Their mitogenic activity was assayed in vitro on the same mammalian cells: bovine lens epithelial cells or human fibroblasts. All these data seem to indicate that these growth factors belong to the families of other well defined mammalian growth factors: EDGF I, brain basic FGF, AGF II, on the one hand and EDGF II, brain acidic FGF, AGF I, ECGF, on the other. Thus, these growth factors have been widely distributed during evolution and retain at least a conservative sequence to stimulate cell proliferation, in mammalian cells.


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