High Energy Neutrino Signals from the Epoch of Reionization


In this paper we perform a new estimate of the high energy neutrinos expected from GRBs associated with the first generation of stars in light of new models and constraints on the epoch of reionization and a more detailed evaluation of the neutrino emission yields. We also compare the diffuse high energy neutrino background from Population III stars with the one from “ordinary stars” (Population II), as estimated consistently within the same cosmological and astrophysical assumptions. In disagreement with previous literature, we find that high energy neutrinos from Population III stars will not be observable at current or near-future neutrino telescopes, falling below both the sensitivity of a km telescope and the atmospheric neutrino background, also under the most optimistic predictions for the GRB rate. This rules them out as a viable diagnostic tool for these still elusive metal-free stars. Subject headings: stars: early-type – gamma rays: bursts, neutrinos – cosmology: theory


5 Figures and Tables

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